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The Australian Built Environment Sector

The economic contribution of 16 industries to the construction, management and maintenance of the built environment.



The research is based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics annual publication Australian Industry, and covers 12 years of output and employment from 2007-2019. The method used is explained in Measuring the Built Environment Sector pdf

The report combines data for the industries included in Australian Industry that together form one of the largest and most important industrial sectors in the economy. It includes industries that have a direct physical relationship with buildings, structures, and the built environment. These industries are collectively called the Australian Built Environment Sector (BES).

The analysis is based on Industry value added (IVA) and industry employment. IVA is the estimate of an industry’s output, and is broadly the difference between the industry’s total income and total expenses. The data is presented at varying levels for industry divisions, subdivisions and classes. The most recent issue is for 2018-19. 

The 2021 Report will be published after the next release from the ABS. 

Contents of the 2020 Report​:


  1. Introduction

  2. Australian built environment sector output 

  3. Employment in the Australian built environment sector

  4. Industry Comparisons

  5. Economic role of the Australian built environment sector

  6. Fiscal policy and the built environment sector

  7. Monetary policy and the transition

  8. Why measure the built environment sector?

  9. Conclusion


The Sixteen Industries Included

Architect at Work

Architectural Services

Field Survey

Surveying & Mapping

Image by Indira Tjokorda

Engineering Design & Consulting

Image by Clayton Cardinalli

Manufacturing Industries


Image by Brett Jordan

Residential Property Developers

Image by Nick Fewings

Non-Residential Property

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Services



Sink Pipe

Water, Sewerage & Drainage

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Waste Collection & Disposal

Image by Ashwini Chaudhary

Building & Industrial Cleaning

Pest Control.jpg

Pest Control Services

Image by Boris Debusscher

Gardening Services


truck on dirt

Mining and Quarrying

Image by Mark Potterton

Building Construction

Road Constuction

Heavy & Civil Engineering

Road Roller

Construction Services

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