Australian Built Environment Sector

A profile of 16 industries that contribute to the construction, management and maintenance of the built environment.


This research is based on the annual ABS publication Australian Industry, and covers 12 years of output and employment. The method used to develop this profile of these industries is explained in Measuring the Built Environment Sector pdf.

The 2020 Report will be published shortly, click the button below to provide your email address and we will send it directly to you. You can also download our 2019 Report now. 


Architectural Services

Surveying & Mapping

Engineering Design & Consulting

Manufacturing Industries


Residential Property Developers

Non-Residential Property

Real Estate Services



Water, Sewerage & Drainage

Waste Collection & Disposal

Building & Industrial Cleaning

Pest Control Services

Gardening Services


Mining and Quarrying

Building Construction

Heavy & Civil Engineering

Construction Services


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