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Construction 4.0

An Innovation Platform for the Built Environment

Edited by Anil Sawhney, Mike Riley and Javier Irizarry

A new book on Construction 4 from Routledge. As the table of contents below show, it is a comprehensive  review of the state of play as the technologies of industry 4 get adapted and adopted to construction. The book is good evidence that the built environment industries can (should? will?) be a leading sector for application of these technologies. From the book's introduction:


Modelled on the concept of Industry 4.0, the idea of Construction 4.0 is based on a confluence of trends and technologies that promise to reshape the way built environment assets are designed, constructed, and operated.

Contruction 4.0.jpg

With the pervasive use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), lean principles, digital technologies, and offsite construction, the industry is at the cusp of this transformation. The critical challenge is the fragmented state of teaching, research, and professional practice in the built environment sector. This handbook aims to overcome this fragmentation by describing Construction 4.0 in the context of its current state, emerging trends and technologies, and the people and process issues that surround the coming transformation.

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Book Reviews

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