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Research Companion to Construction Economics

Construction Economics applies economic theory, concepts and analytical tools to the construction industry, the companies and organisations comprising it, and the projects it undertakes. Over time, the field has been extended beyond the minimisation of capital cost on projects to include life-cycle cost considerations, the idea of value, sustainable construction and climate change, and applications of technology. Attention has also included consideration of companies and organisations, and strategic, industry-level considerations involving the economy and construction markets, government policy, and international finance and economics.

The Elgar Research Companion on Construction Economics provides an overview of current research and a critical examination of issues in the field. It also provides the opportunity for some new or under-explored issues in the field to be discussed. Each chapter analyses the existing knowledge on the topic, compares the various views on it, and presents a reference point for further advanced research leading to further development of the subject. The book has 24 chapters authored by recognised experts on their topics. This is an influential collection which represents a relatively complete work on the field of construction economics.

This important milestone in the development of construction economics is published by Edward Elgar. Details on the contents and contributors can be found here.

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This blog is concerned with the organisation of the building and construction industry, in the economic sense of combining factors of production to create output.


The modern industry's origins in the 19th century can still be seen in many of its characteristic features, and many contemporary issues are also found in projects from the past.


Like many industries, it is being reshaped by unprecedented rapid and widespread advances in materials, technology and capability.

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